Finding your Sign

Finding your sign, when you start this I find people get anxious and worried that they don’t know what their sign is, how will it show up, what if I don’t
find it.

STOP Over thinking it!! My sign is a blue butterfly, I find it, I see it, I smile, I enjoy, I realise that I am getting in sync. This is the key. The awareness
and living in the present moment.

The more you find a butterfly, the more you know you are becoming aware. It’s like the old saying stop and smell the roses’.

Now a days we are too busy on our ED’s, we have to constantly check our status, emails, social media that we are missing what is going on around us. There
is magic everywhere.

The Celestine Prophecies talks about energy and when you see and feel it then it’s truly amazing how the trees almost glow, the colours are vivid and we
can feel it. I knew I was becoming more aware. It’s the same as seeing a blue butterfly – awareness. A lot of my friends start seeing blue butterfly
photos on facebook, it’s wonderful when they ‘share’ and ‘like’ me in messages. It makes me feel happy and smile, their awareness
is increasing and bringing them into the present moment.

Love Mikayla