I love technology most of the time. I like the ease of being able to receive a text message and emails at any time on my phone. I can design my social
media postcards and post to four different sites within minutes.

It’s wonderful to be able to be connected to friends locally and internationally within seconds. This also means that life can be leading us and us not
leading our own lives. It amazes me how unplugged we are to what is going on around us because we are plugged into our unreality of the internet.It’s
like living in a fog, living like an avatar in an online world. We are missing the wonder, colour, and joy of what is around us.

I got the idea for this story after spending two days at an intense two day conference. I looked around the auditorium of over 500 people and two things
struck me. Most people have paid a lot of money to be there yet a lot of them can be seen keeping to themselves, scanning their Facebook news feeds
to see what their friends are up to.

So, why bother being there if your mind is elsewhere? The other thing was the number of people who were asleep. It may be that some are understandably
tired as it was a weekend conference, or that they couldn’t care less because it was only a complimentary ticket. But while you’re there, why not be
a hundred percent present and enjoy the opportunity?

Live in the present moment … NOW.

Love Mikayla