How to Maintain a Positive Mindset

To maintain a positive mindset in our world isn’t the easiest thing to do. Besides the fact that the U.S. economy is still struggling to recover to pre-recession
levels and jobs are still not easy to come by, we hear constant negativity on your television, on the Internet, and even in our everyday lives.

How often do you hear of someone whispering about another person’s clothing, mannerisms, or even their weight? Such actions can really take a toll on our
psyche and our mindset to where we become depressed and overly self-conscious about our own appearance, including our clothing, our mannerisms, our
weight, and more. Yet, living in such a cautious manner with such a negative outlook is not good for our mental health, and this can adversely affect
our physical health over time.

What can we do to maintain a positive mindset so that we can maintain good mental and physical health and keep a positive outlook
on life, even in difficult times? First, we need to be happy with ourselves and realize that we should appreciate what we have. We need to realize
that we are not perfect and that NO ONE is perfect.

Even those gorgeous models you see on television are not perfect; they usually are airbrushed and have the best make-up people making them up before they
go on camera. In real life, they are really no different from the rest of us; they have features that they are proud of and features that they are
not so proud of. The main point is that they are not perfect, and no one is, so keep that important point in mind when others start judging you or
other people in terms of your looks and appearance.

Most people will start judging others when they are not happy with themselves in an attempt to feel better about themselves and the flaws they have. Don’t
stoop to that level; you don’t need to criticize someone else to feel better about yourself. Second, you should not always be tuning into sources that
focus on gossip and criticisms. Whether these are television news programs, newspaper columns, websites, or other sources, don’t be tuning into these
all of the time. The negativity from these columns can really alter your perception of the world over time and make it hard to maintain a positive
mindset. When you do read from/listen to these sources, keep in mind that no one is perfect and that the media often likes to glamorize a story to
make it more exciting; after all, this is what many people are looking for when they tune into these sources, and, of course, these sources want people
tuning in that’s what keeps them in business.

However, you don’t have to tune into these sources all of the time give yourself a break every now and then. Third, try to relieve the stress of your day
by indulging in your favorite activity each day, even if it’s only for five to ten minutes. It may be working out (running, weight training, resistance
training, etc.), listening to your favorite music, watching a sitcom or other series on television, talking on the phone with a best friend, etc.

In this world today, we are so wired to keep moving from place to place to fill our occupational obligations that we rarely ever slow down and take time
for ourselves to relax, unwind the pressures of the day, and de-stress ourselves. Yet, it is vital for us to do this in order to maintain a positive
mindset. Therefore, it is vital that we keep a positive mindset in our world today that largely focuses on the negative, but this isn’t always an easy

Keeping a positive mindset is vital to our mental health, which can help or hinder our physical health. Three ways to maintain our positive mindset are
to appreciate what we have and realize that NO ONE is perfect, not tune into the sources that always critique and criticize other people, and take
time out each day to enjoy a favorite activity, even if only for a brief period.

By following these steps, we can maintain our positive mindset and ensure that our mental and physical health are in the best shape possible so that we
can accomplish as much as possible in both our personal and professional lives. Enjoy and try to maintain a positive mindset.

Love Mikayla