We Change Daily

The ocean is different everyday. We change daily. Everything changes. Embrace change.

The moon which seems to just circle us and get bigger and smaller, and be so far away, has the ability to make all that body of water in every ocean, rise
and fall daily.

The wind can sometimes be a gentle breeze and other times be so strong it could knock you over, also has the ability to move the oceans and waves. Just
look at any beach and notice how the waves can gently lap against the shore and at other times be so rough and destructive that it washes the sand
away, especially during a storm.

Everything changes.

The ocean doesn’t complain. It allows the external factors to be around it. It does not try and resist the changes. It goes with the flow. Try and let
your mind be like the ocean. You can either choose to allow the waves of thoughts to be rough and destructive and destroy your happiness or you can
choose to have small quiet gentle waves that are calming and soothing to be around.

What you choose with affect you. So today, choose quietness. Each time you feel a huge wave of negative thoughts coming along, choose to quiet them down
by focusing on quietness and peace. Then, reward yourself for being able to calm down. Embrace change. Your sign is everywhere – thank you for my calm

Love Mikayla