Testing your sign – Is it real

I have had a blue butterfly as a sign for a decade now and truly love it. I smile when I see one and am filled with love and gratitude. It took me a couple
of years to figure out how to use it and what it means, and now that I have, it inspired me to write two books about signs – the Road to Resilience and free to be me.

Your sign is a reminder to tap your feelings and emotions. Your thoughts are in your head, your emotions are in your heart. It is a ‘one second technique’
to break the random chaos of your thoughts drastically changing the outcome. See my blog about the Chaos Theory which explains this further.

I am human too, like the rest of us, and I have the same thoughts of self doubt and sabotage. I acknowledge the good and the bad, I feel sadness and happiness.
But I don’t dwell on the negative, I am resilient enough to look at for solution not to dwell on the problems themselves.

Two months before I launched my second book free to be me I was pumped and inspired. The book was almost ready for printing,
I had hired a business coach and had vision and clarity around my message ‘Find your Calm. Conquer your Chaos.’ The content was ready for my website
and despite all the best intentions I ran into roadblocks that were totally out of my control. I didn’t want to delay launching and slow my momentum
and yet that is exactly what happened.

I had to take my own advice and go with the flow, I had to let go of the oars and stop rowing effortlessly upstream. My husband had been noticing for awhile
that I was spiraling into a manic state. When friends asked how the book was going my reply was “its finished but I am soooo over it”. Well needless
to say that is a terrible way to create enthusiasm and sell it when even my heart was not in it.

I had spent two years dreaming and drafting the book. Then the last six months writing and editing it. I was exhausted and running on fumes. I was afraid
that if I stopped I would loose the interest to publish the book. Yet in my heart I knew that the delays were there to make me stop, relax, take a
holiday, remove myself from pushing myself too hard.

The only control I had over the delays was my own thinking around the problems. Were they problems or just temporary setbacks designed to make me have
a break? Once I had figured this out, the enthusiasm returned, my energy increased but only after I looked after myself. Self care isn’t selfish but
a necessity. I surrounded myself with positive people, caught up on sleep, meditated and spent time with family.

Half of me felt ready to take my message to the world and yet the other half of me was scared and fear was eroded my self confidence. So I set the universe
a bigger challenge. Asking the universe for a different sign as a blue butterfly was too easy.

I designed the Calm Quiz as a fun and interactive way to find your sign and see how calm you are. I worked out a rainbow of signs
and put them to the test.

  • Red ladybug
  • Orange fish
  • Yellow flower
  • Green frog
  • Blue butterfly
  • White feather

Sure enough my awareness increased, my clouded vision cleared, my feeling of being overwhelmed turned back into enthusiasm. I had to change my focus from
creating to sharing. Instead of creating my book, it was time to share my message.

Everyday one of these colourful signs appeared and confirmed my desires. I was on track. I could do this. I had control.

My second sign has always been a rainbow as it reminds me that anything is possible, when the conditions are right magic happens, a miracle occurs when
you you look for it, you need sun (positive) and rain (negative) for the beauty to shine. So I was not going to ask the universe for a rainbow as this
was also to obvious for me.

Butterflies or feathers appear when loved ones are near. Just after my dad passed I was surrounded by orange Monarch butterflies so when I see one now
I think of him. Feathers are also a common sign especially when they drop out of the sky, or appear in strange places like indoors. So if you believe
these are your loved ones then you also believe in the mystery of the unknown. How do you feel when you think of your loved one? I have turned my sadness
for my dad into gratitude for everything he did for me, so now I can smile when I see a Monarch butterfly and think fondly of him.

I tested the universe and asked for pure white feathers as a sign that I was on track for free to be me and sure enough
as confirmation I received endless white feathers. So many in fact that I set the challenge even harder as a test to the universe. I would see one
feather and then ask to be shown seven within the next half an hour and sure enough they appeared. Seven, one for each chakra. I see white feathers
daily now and my smile is now a laugh as I focus on my desires.

Take the calm quiz and see what you find.

Love Mikayla