How Resilient Are You?

Life is full of changes and challenges and the more resilient you are determines your ability to bounce back and manage coping with the ups and downs of
life. Being stretched allows you to grow and be more accepting of change.

Resilience helps us deal with stressful situations, crisis, trauma,
death and adversity. It is the process of adapting well in the face of adversity. This is important because it is how you behave and act during the
crisis and chaos as well as how you view the event after is what matters.

Have you felt stretched and unable to cope under pressure? We all face challenges daily and our ability to get through them strengthens you or brings you
to your knees.

How do resilience people act:

  • They have learnt to see an opportunity in every event
  • Become accepting and aware and acknowledge that change is part of life
  • Be realistic and see other view points
  • Look after their body, mind and spirit with exercise, eating properly and know that you are more than just your thoughts
  • Self-confident and not self-sabotaging
  • They have a support network of friends and family and spend time with others
  • Learnt communication skills
  • Acknowledge you are human and not perfect, self soothe
  • Take action, figure out your desires and work towards them, any set back is just temporary
  • Talk to someone and get help, we all need help
  • Have an attitude of tolerance, acceptance and flexibility

Signals you are NOT resilient:

  • Can you be in control, adapt to change and strive not just survive?
  • Do you think you have control over your life or do you blame others for problems and lack of direction?
  • Can you solve problems?
  • Are you a victim or a survivor?
  • Is your life on auto pilot?
  • Are you comparing yourself to others?
  • Are your kids doing anything else but what you asked them to do?
  • Are you living in fear?
  • Do you lack commitment?
  • Do you crumble or rise?
  • Are you rigid or flexible?
  • Do you take what you think you deserve or do you take action to achieve your goals?
  • Do you get frustrated, angry and have problems wherever you go no matter what you do?
  • Do you hate change with enough passion to keep holding on to emotions that don’t serve you?
  • Living in the past and worried about the future?

When you are Resilient you won’t ……

  • Waste energy on negativity – being angry, grumpy or bad tempered is not going to change a situation.
  • Live in the past, worry about the future or envy others as these are toxic emotions that you don’t want to manifest in your body
  • Keep reliving the adversity as it is just short term. You are not your scars.
  • Shut yourself away and get trapped in a downward spiral and self-sabotage
  • See just the problem but find multiple solutions. Look outside the box. Take off the rose coloured glasses
  • Live with regret, your actions have consequences, be control by your impulses to rage, shout, drink or smoke
  • Let time heal. Emotionally resilient people realise that life is full of ups and downs. It’s not the weight you carry that is the problem, but how
    you hold it and for how long
  • Allow a day to pass without laughter. You can’t frown and laugh at the same time. Laughter reduces the stress hormone called cortisol and increases
  • Have the need to be right but chose to be happy instead
  • Give up and what is important to you. You will have clearer dreams, goals and desires. Set backs are there to remind you if you goal is truly important.
    Accept failure as part of the journey.
  • Allow your ego to control you, be cocky or over confident
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Life is a journey not a destination.

Love Mikayla