What is Resilience?

A simple explanation is resilience means to bouncing back after
adversity. Through dealing with adversity, problems and setbacks it develops resilience.

The dictionary states that resilience is a way of describing the quality of something that goes back to it’s original form after it has been bent or stretched.

Once you have learnt something you can’t unlearn it. After you have been through a traumatic experience you are changed and can’t undo the experience.
One a rubber band is stretch it never goes back to its original form, it is stretched and expanded.

Life is full of changes and challenges and the more resilient you are determines your ability to bounce back and manage coping with the ups and downs of
life. Being stretched allows you to grow and be more accepting of change.

Resilience helps us deal with stressful situations, crisis, trauma, death and adversity. It is the process of adapting well in the face of adversity. This
is important because it is how you behave and act during the crisis and chaos as well as how you view the event after is what matters.

Have you felt stretched and unable to cope under pressure? We all face challenges daily and our ability to get through them strengthens you or brings you
to your knees.

What can seem like mild stress one day can easily escalate when situations are compounded and stacked one on top of each other. Also what might seem like
mild pressure to someone can seem extreme to another person.

Resilience is about maintaining flexibility and
balance in your life as you deal with the chaos. Find your calm, conquer your chaos.

Love Mikayla