What is the Chaos Theory

Here is the connection between coincidences, synchronicity and the chaos theory, otherwise known as the butterfly effect.

Clouds are not ovals. Mountains are not cones. Birds are not M’s in the sky. Nature exhibits a different level of complexity and the inherent unpredictability
in the behaviour of a complex natural system.

Chaos theory is a contradiction and a science of predicting the behaviour of unpredictable systems. It is a mathematical toolkit to see an order in
the sea of chaos. Your sign is a window into the complex working of nature, energy and the universe.

It is fascinating that order and chaos are not opposed and are a wonderful mix from the outside to appear unpredictable and yet the inner working are
an orderly deterministic set of equations ticking like clockwork.

Interesting also is the definition of deterministic is the belief that all events are caused by things that happened before them and that people have
no real ability to make choices or control what happens.

A tiny variation, never repeated, vastly affect the outcome. When you see your sign and stop for one second this is a tiny variation that will vastly
affect the outcome.

Order on a small scale can look like chaos on a larger scale. Let me explain this further…

Edward Lorenz in 1961 was a meteorologist trying, with the computer technology available at the time, to accurately predict the weather. He inputted
a set of number, which was the current weather, so that he could predict the weather a few minutes in advance.

The computer would produce long term forecasts by entering the data into the computer over and over again. He could accurately minute by minute forecast
the weather which then lead to days and weeks.

The epiphany came one day when he had entered the figures from his print out 0.506 but realised the computer was calculating it by 0.506127. This meant
that the tiny error, the difference of one part in a thousand, gave a drastically different prediction and became the seed of chaos.

In systems that behave predictably only produced small effects. Lorenz’s equations were causing errors to steadily grow over time. The tiny errors
would not stay tiny but increase in size perpetuating into error producing different results. Repeat this again and again and the effect is extraordinary.

Lorenz came up with the butterfly effect analogy. A butterfly can flap its wings appearing to be random chaos and yet cause a hurricane half way round
the world.

The smallest differences are producing large effects. What first appears to be random behaviour is not random because of a slight, subtle and almost
undetectable change. The tiny differences stack up.

The solar system is a chaotic system. While the theory of gravity could predict two plants orbiting under their mutual attraction, add a third plant
in the mix and the equation became unsolvable. As the plants dance it is clear that chaos plays a part and has a large influence on the trajectories
of asteroids.

Fighter jets have unlocked the hidden structure of a chaotic system with the help of maths. Aeroplanes rely on stability so that small turbulent nudges
don’t push it off the flight path. Fighter pilots on the other hand need their planes to make rapid changes with minimal effort. They achieve greater
manoeuvrability by virtue of being aerodynamically unstable where a slight nudge drastically alters their flightpath.

Unlocking the hidden structure of a chaotic system is in determining its preferred set of behaviours. Mathematicians call this the attractor.

Ian Stewart used this analogy to describe the attractor. Take a ping-pong ball and drop it over the ocean, it will fall into the water. Release the
ball under the water and it will rise to the surface. The attractor is the water and the ball will always sit on the surface even after being hit
by a wave, it will return to the surface.

We can’t predict how the ping-pong will respond exactly second by second but by knowing the attractor we can see a pattern in the chaos.

You are the attractor. Keep coming back to you. Your feelings, your energy, your source. A tiny change in the way you respond instead of react will
drastically affect the outcome.

The millions of cells that contract in just the right sequence that makes up your heart beat explain this behaviour. Your heart beat is a chaotic system
constantly contracting and relaxing, the millions of cells must work in synchronicity, at just the right time to product the beat. When you heart
races, for example, it send intricate details to the brain to indicate that you are in danger.

Your heart is chaotic and yet in an intricate state of synchronicity.

When you feel stressed you heart works harder and your brain switches to survival mode. Fight or flight response is triggered. Once you have practiced
chaos to calm when you see your sign, you are able to stop, switch off the brain triggers, make one small slight change and this will bring you
back to being centered. Your brain will slow, even for a split second and you will see the pattern in the chaos and drastically effect the outcome.

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Love Mikayla