Feather Calm Cue Sign

When you are in the flow of spiritual awakening and enlightenment the universe gives you feedback and it’s up to you to take notice. The road signs are
there to show you the way. You wouldn’t drive with your eyes shut, so why go through your day with your eyes shut?

The universe gives you hint and directions, it’s up to you to take notice!

Your calm cue sign is a visual reminder to be more aware, quieten your mind, be in the present moment, and live in the NOW. The present is a gift that
is why it is a ‘present’.

One second …. that is all it takes to stop the random chaos of your thoughts to drastically change the outcome.

Even being present for a few second is mindfulness and stops the chaos, so when you stop thinking and become aware you are already using a powerful mindful
meditation technique. If you understand statistics and probability theory, or if you have a strong mathematical background, this can be helpful since
you will understand the likelihood of seeing your calm cue sign. When you buy a new car, you become more aware of the model/colour you have purchased
and you will begin to notice similar cars on the road. You are increasing your awareness and looking closer at what is around you.

Your calm cue sign is a visual clue to the bigger picture of your life journey. Your sign is about a feeling. I really don’t think it
matters what you choose for a calm cue sign; rather, it’s about how the cue makes you feel. Thoughts that make you feel good can decrease your stress
level, and feeling good when you see your calm cue sign will mentally and physically help you.

Spiritual Awakening is the path to enlightenment. Appreciation and love are the same vibrations. When your calm cue sign appears, you can be thankful and
smile and this will create good vibrations. Your calm cue sign is your opportunity to connect with your feeling.

Your calm cue sign is a gift from the Universe, therefore it is not something produced like a car or a manufactured product. The beauty of nature should
be your inspiration.

See your calm cue sign = connecting with yourself.

Miracles happen every day, your calm cue sign is the universe reminding you to take notice and use the benefits of mindful meditation. Your calm cue sign
is a visual reminder to be more aware, quieten your mind, be in the present moment and practice mindful mediation.

Remember, this process should be fun. Do not get stressed or worry. If you do then you are missing the point. The point is to be present and aware. Tap
into your feelings and get out of your head. Have fun with this and enjoy.

Feather as your calm cue sign can mean the following:

  • White feathers symbolize faith and protection and are most significant when found in a spot where they are not likely to be, such as inside of
    a home or a car
  • A white feather is thought to be a sign of faith and protection
  • Confirmation of an answer you have recently received. A YES to the question you have been asking. Keep moving forward on the path you are on. Validation
    you are the right track.
  • Even if it means your life as you know it will be re-arranged, the change is required for your growth or healing.
  • A feather is a sign an important change is coming or has already arrived, trust the change is for the better
  • When you see one that grabs your attention, pick it up as a gesture you have acknowledged the sign and grateful for the time and effort taken to
    arrange it for you.
  • Egyptians believed feathers to be a symbol of Ma’at, the goddess of truth, justice, and order
  • Native American Chiefs wore feathers in their head-dresses to represent their communication with the spirit world, and believed finding feathers
    was a sign of new beginnings and rebirth from spirit
  • Celtic Druids wore ornately feathered robes to transcend the physical plane and gain celestial knowledge from the realms of spirit
  • In the Bible, feathers metaphorically represent loving care and protection and as a common dream symbol, feathers signify the ability to freely
    move throughout life
  • Feathers can represent a fresh start in a spiritual sense, as well as truth, speed, love, lightness, and flight
  • Feathers are a beautiful reminder to pay attention. When you find a feather and increase your awareness
  • Feathers can also be a simple reminder that your angels are near, and they want you to know it, and ask for their help

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Love Mikayla