Affirmations DON’T Work!

My husband reminds me often to take my own advice. Sometimes I don’t really want to hear that ‘useful’ reminder. I am human and get caught up on my thoughts,
I allow my mind to keep thinking because then I feel that I am achieving.

  • How can I manifest when I don’t focus on what you want?
  • I need to say affirmations to keep my monkey mind busy with a task.
  • I must focus on solutions and not the problems.
  • Make sure I get enough exercise done during the day so that I sleep well that night.
  • If I want to achieve a goal I have to work towards it, even just one little task completed each day is a step in the right direction.
  • Was I present with my kids this morning before they went to school? Did I give them a hug and kiss and tell them I love them? Yes even though they
    are teenagers I still hug them!
  • Must hang the washing out …. plan for dinner…
  • I must write my weekly blogs, opps don’t’ forget the to-do-list I wrote last night that I must plough through today …… 

These are just some of the thoughts buzzing round in my head and the more I think, the more I am blocking myself off from allowing and being present. Solutions
do not come when my mind is in chaos.

Right now affirmations are not going to work and they will stress me out trying to figure out what the best affirmation I should use today! More dilemmas
and more stress.

This scenario probably sounds all too familiar.

  • Am I ‘trying’ too hard?
  • Did I see my sign today?
  • Am I being mindful and concentrated on taking 3 deep breaths?
  • Did I set my intentions for the day?
  • Did I put feelings into my manifesting
  • Yikes, more unhelpful busy thoughts keep popping into my mind ….

My solutions was to do none of the above, not to plan, not to say affirmations, not to start work but to remove myself totally from any distractions.

I left my mobile at home. I left the dirty dishes. I left the washing in the machine. I didn’t send the emails I need to. I picked up my kayak and left
for a half an hour recharge. I decided the best way to get anything done today was to look after myself first.

The reasons I kayak are thanks to Esther Hicks and this is my summary of her message. She uses the analogy that life is like rafting down a river. You
can cling to the river bank holding onto to the side, holding onto beliefs and your current situation. You can also exhaust yourself paddling upstream
against the current and getting nowhere. But the relief you are searching for is a downstream thought. You have to let go of the oars and trust that
your desires are downstream and stop fighting. Downstream is where you are wishing to be and the only way to get there is to be present and enjoy the
ride. The river is so pretty surrounded by trees and the sound of nature and the water is energizing.

When you breathe in the salt air you are breathing in energy. When you stop rowing you are allowing the journey of life to present itself. The only way
to get though my day and to-do-list is to approach it from a calm place. Certainly not from chaos!

I found my calm. I reminded myself that all I needed to do right them was to not say any affirmations because they don’t work. I stopped thinking. I reconnected
with my heart and allowed myself to actually listen to my feelings. I connected my mind, body and spirit and cleared my mind totally.

Feelings are energy. Everything is energy.

My calm cue sign message is because I am a visual not audio person. I would prefer to read than watch a movie. I can copy type from text and not from audio.
My sign is to remind me to see past my sign, get out of my head and connect with my feelings.

I paddle in my kayak because it reinforces the analogy that I need to let go of the paddles. It’s ok to float and be present with no thoughts. I reconnect
with nature. I allow the space of the universe to be present and get out of my head. FEEL not think!

As I wrote in this blog Testing your sign – Is it real? I have been testing the calm cue sign of a feather just before launching my second book free to be me,
and to even my amazement feathers have appeared to confirm my desires, I know I am on track.

Yesterday I was outside exercising, I was feeling great and I did spend the 20 minutes saying the same affirmation reinforcing the positive energy with
movement and music. I had a brief thought wondering if it was helping and wondering how my day was going to go and a beautiful white feather drifted
in front of my and softly floated to the ground. This made me laugh out loud …. Taking my own advice I said thank you to the universe. I smiled
first, then breathed deeply and was even more invigorated.

Last night a friend come over for dinner and he helped my with a few website issues I was having. We were a few hours into the task, it was still 30 degrees
at 9pm so I had the fan on in my office. The door was shut to keep the noise down and allow us to focus.

I had a wish list of tasks I wanted to complete and we prioritized what was achievable that night. What small wins could we have and quick solutions so
that I could launch. Every time I crossed tasks off my list I was excited and yet when we started on the next task I tried not to get anxious that
time was ticking, it was getting later in the night and could we resolve them.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a speck floating around the room. It was like a white ball of fluff so I didn’t say anything because I had only vacuum
recently but was worried it was dust. I caught another glimpse and even to my surprise in a closed room with a fly screen on the window – it was a
white FEATHER. I asked my friend if he could see it, we both looked at each other in amazement. My message works! Just as we laughed and said “Wow,
that was spooky” it gracefully slipped out the crack under the door.

We both sat there in silence for a while enjoying the confirmation that I was on track and that my message is ready to share.

THANK YOU universe for the confirmations. Your calm cue sign is about a feeling not a thought.