Self-care is NOT Selfish

Only you have control over your thoughts and only you have control over your feelings. So you can choose to stew on an event, you can worry whether you
said the ‘right’ words to a friend, you can become anxious because you feel stressed, but all these thoughts and feelings do not serve you well. 

When I go to sleep at night I run though a meditation to disconnect for everything that happened during the day. Keeping my brain occupied with that I
‘could’ and ‘should’ have done is a waste of time and energy.

I relish the fact that I am lying down. I enjoy my comfy sheets. I savour the darkness as this is time to fully and completely relax. Occasionally the
kids wake me up in the night if they don’t feel well but as they are teenagers now that is rare. So I allow myself to completely switch off, sleep
and let my body rejuvenate and mind disconnect.

I am writing this as I sit at a Buddhist temple in the meditation room. I have come here today which is about half an hour from my home. It is in the mountains
and all I can hear is the sound of insects and see the beautiful greenery that surrounds me.

It might seem selfish to run away here for the day, remove myself from social media, emails and all other responsibilities I have and yet it is the opposite.
I am here to recharge my batteries. The washing can wait, the housework will still be there when I get home, my mobile is on so I can be contacted
but I am choosing to only look at my phone a few times today.

This is the most selfless thing I can do. My head is clear. I am breathing in the forest smells. I can sit anywhere and have a cup of tea without being
disturbed. This is bliss.

Not only will I benefit this experience right now, I will carry this calm feeling home with me. So what that means is that I will be a better person when
I get home. More relaxed, more present and generally a happier person. When my batteries are topped up I have more to give, whether it’s my time or
my patience, I will have more to give.

Here is your mission, tonight when you go to bed spend no more than 5 minutes thinking of at least one time during the day that you could and should have
done something for yourself. I could be as simple as making a cup of tea and enjoying it, while you were on your way to work could you have stopped
thinking of all the things you need to do and just allowed yourself to stop thinking.

You must take care of yourself inside and out, in your heart and in your heart or you will hit a brick wall and burn out. Self care is self preservation.

I wish you the best night sleep and promise me that you will do just one thing tomorrow for yourself.