Am I Old Fashioned

Am I Old Fashioned?

Yes I probably am old fashioned! I am in my early 40s and grew up without a mobile phone. Even a computer was in the early stages and the internet was
not even a dream away let alone a reality. If you wanted to see a friend you had to make the effort to go and see them. We had one land line phone in the
hallway with no privacy. If you wanted to keep in touch with a friend overseas you wrote a letter and then waited months for the letter to be received,
your friend to reply and wait for the post to arrive.

It was awesome! No mobile meant that you were disconnected and could not be reached. When you make plans with friends we all turned up, at the right place,
at the right time. There was no texting excuses or running late and it worked.

Don’t get me wrong, I love technology and being able to text, call or be in touch with friends near or on the other side of the world. But nothing beats
treating a friend in the old fashioned way.

  • Instead of texting, hand write a note.
  • Get off Facebook and drop in a see your friend.
  • Make some biscuits to take to a friend, just to say that you were thinking of them.
  • Stop texting back and forth and actually call and speak to
    your friends, especially when you are arranging plans and a 2 minute call with save you numerous texts.
  • Be creative! 

Sometimes if I know I won’t see my friends for a while I will text and simply say that I am thinking of them.

It is really easy to be nice and do a kind gesture. I challenge you to do one thing today that will make a friend smile. Reach out and treat your friend
to a nice gesture from the heart.

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