You Are More Than Your Thoughts

You are more than the tip of the iceberg 

 You are more than your thoughts

You are more than what you are right now

When you listen to your body when it whispers, you won’t have to hear it scream.

I was just about to start writing this blog and the above quote appeared on facebook.
It was just what I needed to inspire me to take action and type this up. I had the idea of the tip of the iceberg being your thoughts and the other
90% of the iceberg that is underwater is all the ‘other stuff’ that goes on around and within us.

So my analogy is that your thoughts make up 10% of you, the tip of the iceberg. You create your thoughts. Even Shakespeare said “There is nothing either
good or bad, but thinking it makes it so”. Your thoughts have power and strength over you because you allow them and because you ‘think’ this is who
you are.

The top 10% is the image you portray to others. It is the mask we put on, the smile we put on our face but don’t feel it on the inside and the wall we
create around us.

But I am asking you to stop thinking of a second, keep reading and discover the other 90% of your make up.

  • Your body
  • The mind body connection
  • Law of attraction
  • Law of vibration
  • Energy
  • Your feelings matter
  • Etc etc etc, the list is endless ….

My wake up call came when I slammed he boot of the door on my head. I had missed the nudges, the kick up the backside and all the other near misses. I
‘thought’ I knew what was going and where I was going on but that was the key point, I ‘thought’. I didn’t feel. I wasn’t listening to my body and
my feelings. I was ‘trying’ but not feeling, not allowing nor seeing opportunities around me.

I was missing the fun and adventure that was around me and in me. I was missing that life is a journey not a destination. I was planning for the future
and worrying about the past and missing the present.

My wake up call lead me on a path of discovery, it wasn’t easy. I was afraid, the more questions I asked the more I realised how little I knew. The more
I searched the more I connected with my heart and feelings. I found my other 90% and I am so grateful for all the heart ache and pain to get here.

As we are human and you can’t stop the thoughts all you can do is learn to be at peace with them. If you haven’t already then jump over the take my
calm quiz to discover your precious free gift.

My gift to you is a one second technique to break the random chaos of your thoughts drastically changing the outcome.

The first step to discovering your 90% and stepping out of your 10% is to take my calm quiz. To learn more about
my journey check out the Road to Resilience.

Life is too serious to take it too seriously. Have fun with this and keep learning, growing and trying new things. Remember that you are more than your




Let go of expectations and live in the moment

Let go of expectations and live in the moment

It is a very free feeling to let go of all expectations. It took me years to learn what this meant and how to achieve it.

Expecting is different to planning.

I plan an event. I schedule my week around business and family. I have dreams for the future. All these are part of life and I like to be organised. I
am probably over organised but I like to feel in control and know what is happening.

So when the planning is complete, the place, people invited, so the when and where is planned and then I let go of expectations and live in the moment.

I know where I will be and when, I know who has rsvp’d and I can have a rough idea of what will happen. Then I hand it over to universe to let go of the
organising reigns.

You see, no matter how much planning goes into any activity, big or small, there will always be unexpected changes and unforeseen challenges. But when
you have an expectation especially how you expect others to respond, then you are let down. We create our own chaos when we push our expectations on to others.

My youngest daughter just started high school. She has some idea what to expect, she was familiar with the school rules and she knew some friends going
to the same school. Yet she had no idea who her teacher was, what her schedule would look like and how her day would pan out. Perfect, because she
had no expectations. She lived in the moment, took it all in and allowed the day to progress.

She had an amazing day and even better than she had thought. By removing all expectation and attachments to previous school habits it allowed her to go
with the flow and enjoy the new experiences.

You can set your intentions around how you want to feel, a goal you want to achieve and when you remove the expectation you allow even better more amazing
experiences to enter into your day. You are more awake and aware and open to allowing.

Take the calm quiz, sign up to receive weekly inspirations and experience how seeing your sign / totem will
make you feel better.

Unicorns, rainbows and lollypops xo Mikayla



Secret to Aging Gracefully – Acceptance


This is, for me, the first big step to aging gracefully. Acceptance! In my twenties I work out every day, watched what I ate. Yes I drank a bit but overall
I lead a healthy lifestyle. I was proud of my extremely straight dark hair and my flat stomach.

In my thirties I had two babies and my priorities changed and I had limited time to myself. I still exercised at lunchtime once I put the kids down for
a day sleep but it wasn’t the same intensity. In my late thirties I was extremely stressed working full time and juggling family.

Now that I am in my forties I am far more accepting of all my bumps and so called flaws.

  • I have smile wrinkles
  • My hair is not only going grey but the grey hairs are wavy, I can’t stretch it to say that they are curly but at least I might get a kink in my hair
  • I don’t think I will ever get my six pack back but and grateful that my I carried two healthy children. My butt and boobs are following gravity
  • I deliciously savour rose hip oil and it has made a huge difference to my c-section scar but at the end of the day the scar will still remain
  • I am accepting of all these changes.
  • I am who I am

Life is too short to worry about what other people think or to listen to their opinions. Life is for living. The more accepting I am of my views and what
makes me happy the more I want to follow my bliss. The more I want to do what I want. I am unique, so are you.

You are free to be you, I am free to be me.

Each day we age and change and I have decided to accept what is and let go of what was.

I laugh more and I worry less. Life is too short.

Just across to Facebook and share what you are accepting of.



My Awakening Experience

My Awakening Experience

Awakening and becoming aware happens differently for everyone. In my case, I gave myself a huge bump on the head, one that took me to the ground, and that
was the start of my first book, discovering what I really wanted and what my passion was.

Let me explain further… It was a typical day, nothing out of the ordinary, sunny and warm, uneventful. I was driving home and the kids were talking
loudly while I was planning dinner, trying to concentrate on driving. I guess you would say I was thinking of everything other than what was happening
at that moment.

By the time I pulled into the driveway I was a little flustered, I could not wait to unload the groceries and school bags and there seemed so much to do.
With my arms filled, juggling keys and a handbag I stood to the side of the car and applied a lot of force to slam the back door of the 4-wheel-drive

Unfortunately for me my head was in the way and I slammed the corner of the door right into my temple. I not only saw stars but it took me to the ground
and blood was pouring out. I just can’t describe the pain. I was literally blinded with pain.

The kids were shocked and I was so stunned I could not even swear!

It took all the energy I had left to get upstairs and call my husband to come home immediately to help. It was the longest half an hour and I managed to
feed the kids and get them sitting in front of the TV while I passed out on the couch. We have only just moved to this city so I have no family or
friends to call upon.

It took a few days to recover and even during the fuzzy spells I started to question why, what, and how it happened. It was unfair and what on earth made
me do it? I realised that I needed answers and I also began to realise that no matter who I wanted to blame, I did it all by myself and I had to accept

The more questions I asked of myself, the more I knew I had to keep searching for the answers. The more I searched, the more I learnt and the happier I
became. It was the wake-up call I needed. I felt that if I ignored the bump on my head the next thing could be even worse. We get messages and signs
all the time. It’s up to us to determine if it is a call to action or a message to ignore and not take action.

This was the awakening I, obviously in hindsight, needed. I had a feeling that bump meant more than just a bump. I set out on a mission to find answers.
I searched libraries and book stores. The internet was not what it is currently so I had to do the old fashioned searching! I thought I was trendy to have a flip phone that made phone calls and send twitter like texts!

What was the connection between my mind, body and spirit? Was there more forces that I was unaware of? As usual when you set out to discover an answer
you end up with more questions!

As I was searching a number of people said that if I couldn’t find the answer then maybe I was the one to write the book explaining the links. As I kept
hearing this I did start to wonder could I, should I, where would I start.

It took a few months of searching for everything to line up. We took the kids to a park on a lovely sunny Saturday, my husband stayed with the kids. I
went looking for two coffees and found a café but was extremely surprised when they said they were not open until 9am. I wanted coffee now.

I walked a little further down the road and an alternative book shop was open. I explained the bump on my head and wanted to know what it meant. Straight
away he said you need The Body is the Barometer of the Soul by Annette Noontil. I was ecstatic. It was exactly what I had been looking for.

On top of finding this book we got chatting and I said that if the café had been open I might not have found you. Wanting a coffee sent me in this direction.
To add to the power of using the law of attraction he gave me two delicious coffees, free.

My journey had just begun. I was given by blue butterfly sign and I started writing …..
Read about my journey further in the Road to Resilience.

Take one step at a time ….



Is My Child Resilient

Watching a child playing with building blocks reminds me of resilience. A child will continuously build, knock down, rebuild and knock it down over and
over again.

Kids use their imagination to play and come up with elaborate design and intricate stories about how the blocks use to be a house and now it has a garage
and second level and on it goes. They keep growing, adapting and changing their idea as they play.

Sometimes they know it down just for a laugh and so they can start over again. A child will purposely knock down a big tower just to hear it fall and laugh.
This game can continue to a long time, a parent will build and the child will knock it down.

They don’t see this as a failure, they see this as a great game. Life is like this. You build, you fall over,
you dust yourself off, build again, have set backs and keep going.

Sometimes it is another child that knocks the tower down and the child is devastated, you would think that their world has fallen apart. It’s unfair and yet this is life!You could shout, lash out at the other child, use nice words to express how you feel. At the end of the day what you build was destroyed and now you have to deal with it.

Your resilience to face these adversities is how you grow.

Learning to master your own resilience and ability to keep building is what makes you the greatest
person you can be. Life is not about what you can master, it’s about your ability to change what you can, accept what you can’t, learn from your experiences
and keep going regardless.

A child learning to walk does not give up when they fall, they keep reaching one more step. They keep getting back up and trying again and again. Each
day their balance improves and they take more and more steps. Their confidence increases and they challenge themselves with bigger goals. Once they
master walking, they run and once they run there is little that can stop them.

When you face a new challenge you are going to have set back, hurdles to jump over, obstacles to navigate around. This is life and your ability to master
your resilience will give you confidence and skills to deal with the adversities. Adapt and change.

The only thing constant is change, you have to learn to embrace it or it will consume you.

There is no permanent sadness or happiness. You must learn to make the best of the bad and cherish the good. There is nothing permanent except change. Nothing is permanent except change. The only constant is change. Change is the only constant – Heraclitus.

If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies.

Change is the essence of life, be willing to surrender what you are, for what you could become. Whether you choose to move on and take a chance in the
unknown. Or stay behind, locked in the past, thinking of what could have been.

A closed mind is a closed book. There is no point having for example the bible if you don’t read it, use it, practice, adapt and change.

We are constantly striving for upstream thoughts and yet what we think and how we react show us what thoughts we are having. Your feeling are your indicator
to let you know if you are in sync. When you feel good you have downstream thoughts, when you feel bad you have upstream thoughts.

The acceptance of change is why I wrote Road to Resilience, how
to apply it daily was my motivation to write free to be me

Enjoy change, learn and grow from.



My Journey to Cure Insomnia

Sleep! you need it, you want it, but how do you get it?

I have finally cracked my sleep code. There are so many theories and strategies to getting to sleep and staying asleep. All you need to do is a quick google
search and there are pages and pages and pages of advice.

Room temperature, lighting, keep a sleep diary, don’t look at the clock if you do wake, set an alarm clock so you don’t have to worry, no electronics or
food hours before bed, read, meditate, music, no caffeine, magnesium, honey and salt mixed together, chamomile tea and the lists go on and on including
essential oils. A big mistake was looking at a clock because that cemented the time in my subconscious, oh I am awake at 4am, and therefore my brain
thought I should wake at 4am. Then I would think about how long I had been asleep and how much longer I had to ‘try’ and sleep.

I had tried EVERYTHING, and I mean everything!

My husband kept telling me that it was in my head, I was thinking myself awake and just to think of nothing and go back to sleep. Oh, if only it were that
easy. But when you are the one in the early hours of the morning trying to count sheep and not think of anything, it gets beyond exhausting.

Another strategy is to not go to bed too tired because when you are over tired your body is wired. I had gone to bed early, not too tired and other times
physically exhausted and yet I still kept waking after a few hours.

My problem was not going to sleep but staying asleep. I would get form 4-5 hours of sleep and then wake up wide awake, often replaying an event that had
happened the previous day. The more I tried not to think, the more I thought. The more I thought about not sleeping the more I stayed awake. I tried
thinking just to ‘relax and breathe’ and not worry about sleep because not sleeping was stressing me out, so relax instead.

I was beyond exhausted and struggling.

It came to a head when I lost my dad suddenly. Within 12 hours of the news I was on a flight to a different time zone, sleeping on a mattress on the floor.
Late night after late night organising his funeral and estate, trying to come to terms with the grief I would lie awake and then grab about 4 hours
sleep and waking a sobbing mess. Keep going the next day and after two weeks of 4 hours sleep a night I was a walking zombie physically and emotionally.

It reached a crucial point and I searched for yet another alternative sleeping method that would actually work for me. I thought that if I tried more and
more things that I would eventually figure out what would work for me.

In a desperate last ditch attempt I narrowed down that my body clock was waking be between 2am and 4am. I looked into Chinese body clock theories and narrowed
it down to my liver, lungs and grief, which would make sense as I was asthmatic as a child. By not sleeping during 2-4am though, it was not allowing
my lungs to rejuvenate. Yikes that spurred me into action. I researched and found a kinesiologist and explained that she was my last hope, explained
the situation and was assured she could help.

My first appointment was extremely successful as I was obviously ready to face some deep down buried beliefs that was holding me back. She did muscle testing
and it brought up a very interesting timeline and two dates from my childhood. She found the dates and I could relate to them. By acknowledging the
feelings I had back then allowed me to face them, bring them to by consciousness and eliminate them. I could then narrow down other times when I stopped
sleeping well and being made redundant was significant. I had to acknowledge the stresses and worries I was still holding on to then face them so that
I could eliminate tension.

I was thinking too much and ‘thought’ I was feeling ok, but I wasn’t quite there. Pieces of the puzzle were still missing for me.

Heart energy connection was another missing piece.

Training my body to get back into the right cycle of sleep was my mission. There were times that once I had lay there awake for what seems like hours,
I would check the clock so that I knew what time it was and how much longer I had to suffer lying there pretending to sleep.

Now when I wake I don’t think about sleep or relax. I focus on matching my breathing to my heart beat and allow my body to connect with itself.

As you age your awareness of your heartbeat reduces. The idea is that when you are meditating you ignore every body function, just let them be sensations
and give them no attention.

Meditation is about paying close attention to your inner world. Everything in you has a meaning and serves a purpose. Your heart is your source energy.
You can’t ‘feel’ the other organs working but you can feel your heart especially during exercise, stressful situation and when you are anxious.

Heartbeat rhythm is really super important. Not only can you not live without it, but the rhythm drives your entire nervous system. It effects your physiological,
endocrine system and your brainwaves.

Your brain has neuro cells and so does your heart with over 40,000 cells, which is amazing. These heart cells speed up or slow your heart down.

Your heart is an energy centre, your heart chakra and is the centre of your emotions. When you meditate you are connecting with yourself, exploring your
deepest emotions. Your emotions drive your decisions.

Everything is interconnected and everything is energy.

When you focus on your heartbeat you stay focused on your emotions. Feel the emotions of depression and anxiety so you can connect with them. Once you
connect with your feelings you can acknowledge them, only then can you decide if they serve you and if you want to keep them.

Your aim is to have your breathing strong, deep and in rhythm with your heart. It may take a few sessions to practice this. Once you have mastered breathing
to your heartbeat you have more strength to go within and feel your emotions.

It will give you more strength, energy, passion and vitality. It makes you more connected to yourself and in flow. Its amazing how much better you feel
when you are in rhythm with yourself and stop resistance.

Once I knew this and embraced this practice it allowed me to move from not focusing on my breathing or heartbeat and to allow my body to know what to do
to bring myself into line, in flow with myself.

My strategy when I wake too early is to feel my pulse on my wrist with my fingers, breathe with the rhythm and before I know it, I am back asleep again.

This might sound too easy but as I had tried everything else including a month of sleeping tablets to get by body clock sorted, I just had to share this
as it is a life saver for me. I needed more of a long term solution plus a better strategy.

Heart Rhythm Meditation (HRM) reduces stress and makes your conscious breathing in rhythm with your heartbeat. You want to feel like every part of your
body is like an orchestra playing in tune and in time and not like a magnet repelling against itself. Match your brain waves with your heart energy
and your will sync with yourself.

There are many different strategies with HRM. Breathe in for a few counts, hold your breath for longer and then slowly exhale for a few counts. I needed
more than just counting sheep as all I focused on was the numbers and then not the heartbeat. By syncing my breathing to my heart my mind stopped racing,
I has less interruptions, was more connected, had a better meditation session, had more energy and of course, more sleep.

Other meditations focus on other body parts like the nostrils when inhaling. However the most powerful tool I found, and wish I had learnt it sooner, was
getting my breathing in sync with my heart. Everything is a journey and I was ready to learn this and search deeper and found what worked for me.

Your heartbeat if your internal clock.

Your pulse is different to your heartbeat. Start by feeling your pulse, this creates awareness and the desire to learn more. When you breathe in rhythm
to your pulse you will start to feel your heartbeat when you lungs are full. Hold on to your inhaled breath. Once you have made these connections you
can allow your breathing to flow naturally as your body knows what to do, it is only your mind that is trying to fight with your body. Let go of your
control and learn to listen to yourself.

Feeling is more important than thinking.

I wish you the best meditation, breathe and connect with your heart energy. You are source energy and everything is energy.

Calm is the the fastest way to take control of any situation or circumstance, I had to discover the hard way how to get the calm I needed
at 4am. Please let me know on facebook how this helped. Your journey is as unique
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