My Awakening Experience

My Awakening Experience

Awakening and becoming aware happens differently for everyone. In my case, I gave myself a huge bump on the head, one that took me to the ground, and that
was the start of my first book, discovering what I really wanted and what my passion was.

Let me explain further… It was a typical day, nothing out of the ordinary, sunny and warm, uneventful. I was driving home and the kids were talking
loudly while I was planning dinner, trying to concentrate on driving. I guess you would say I was thinking of everything other than what was happening
at that moment.

By the time I pulled into the driveway I was a little flustered, I could not wait to unload the groceries and school bags and there seemed so much to do.
With my arms filled, juggling keys and a handbag I stood to the side of the car and applied a lot of force to slam the back door of the 4-wheel-drive

Unfortunately for me my head was in the way and I slammed the corner of the door right into my temple. I not only saw stars but it took me to the ground
and blood was pouring out. I just can’t describe the pain. I was literally blinded with pain.

The kids were shocked and I was so stunned I could not even swear!

It took all the energy I had left to get upstairs and call my husband to come home immediately to help. It was the longest half an hour and I managed to
feed the kids and get them sitting in front of the TV while I passed out on the couch. We have only just moved to this city so I have no family or
friends to call upon.

It took a few days to recover and even during the fuzzy spells I started to question why, what, and how it happened. It was unfair and what on earth made
me do it? I realised that I needed answers and I also began to realise that no matter who I wanted to blame, I did it all by myself and I had to accept

The more questions I asked of myself, the more I knew I had to keep searching for the answers. The more I searched, the more I learnt and the happier I
became. It was the wake-up call I needed. I felt that if I ignored the bump on my head the next thing could be even worse. We get messages and signs
all the time. It’s up to us to determine if it is a call to action or a message to ignore and not take action.

This was the awakening I, obviously in hindsight, needed. I had a feeling that bump meant more than just a bump. I set out on a mission to find answers.
I searched libraries and book stores. The internet was not what it is currently so I had to do the old fashioned searching! I thought I was trendy to have a flip phone that made phone calls and send twitter like texts!

What was the connection between my mind, body and spirit? Was there more forces that I was unaware of? As usual when you set out to discover an answer
you end up with more questions!

As I was searching a number of people said that if I couldn’t find the answer then maybe I was the one to write the book explaining the links. As I kept
hearing this I did start to wonder could I, should I, where would I start.

It took a few months of searching for everything to line up. We took the kids to a park on a lovely sunny Saturday, my husband stayed with the kids. I
went looking for two coffees and found a café but was extremely surprised when they said they were not open until 9am. I wanted coffee now.

I walked a little further down the road and an alternative book shop was open. I explained the bump on my head and wanted to know what it meant. Straight
away he said you need The Body is the Barometer of the Soul by Annette Noontil. I was ecstatic. It was exactly what I had been looking for.

On top of finding this book we got chatting and I said that if the café had been open I might not have found you. Wanting a coffee sent me in this direction.
To add to the power of using the law of attraction he gave me two delicious coffees, free.

My journey had just begun. I was given by blue butterfly sign and I started writing …..
Read about my journey further in the Road to Resilience.

Take one step at a time ….