12 Ways to Tap Into Your Own Creativity


12 Ways to Tap Into Your Own Creativity 


Creativity is the ability to bring new ideas into existence and allows us to ignite the passion within us to solve problems and find solutions to issues
we have to deal with in our day to day lives.

While it seems like some people have all of the creative juices inside of them and they are continually bursting with amazing ideas and different concepts
and solutions it is something that you too can tap into for your own benefit.

Everyone is creative in their own unique way.

Everyone has a talent that they enjoy.

Everyone can tap into their right brain.

The right side of the brain is responsible for, the left side of the body’s functions including Musical awareness, Holistic thoughts, Intuition, Art awareness,
Imagination and importantly Creativity.

The left side of the brain is responsible for, controlling the right side of the body’s function such as Logic, Language, Science, Math and Number skills,
Written functions and our reasoning.

Creativity is your intelligence having fun!

The ability to become more creative is something that we can all learn and tap into as it is just a process that we need to focus more attention on and
develop our skills and expertise over time.

The more you use your brain the more it will function allowing you to unearth creative juices you never knew you had.

Try some of these techniques below to get your creative mind working,

Get back to Nature:

Nature has a great way of connecting us to the real world (don’t take your phone) and ensures that we are in the present moment with just the sounds, sights
and smells of the great outdoors. The natural environment allows you to clear your mind and just focus on the beauty and creativity all around you.

Play some Music:

Music has the ability to create all types of feelings and emotions within us. To me that is the great thing about music. It allows you to escape for a
period of time into another world and immerse yourself in the soulful tunes of your favourite band.

Your own Quite Time:

It’s important for everyone to have time alone to think over things in your life along with allowing
you to clearly focus on what you want to do in the future. Having this time to yourself can allow you to clear your mind of your daily worries and
free up your energy to focus on your more creative ideas and projects.


Mindfulness colouring is still huge and an excellent way to calm your brain and thoughts. It really doesn’t matter what you choose and what interests you,
if you enjoy it, do it because those good feelings create more good feelings.

Swap Hands:

By using your other hand more often you will be creating new connections in your brain similar to the way your body grows muscles when you do exercise.
Try this with your mouse or even when brushing your teeth. It’s a great way to build new connections even if it feels a little strange at first.

Remove yourself from Technology:

Put it down, turn it off and walk away. Technology is great for finding information and staying connected but you still need to disconnect from all of
this technology and allow yourself to just be in the moment and absorb what is happening around you.

Do something for You:

It’s important to do things for yourself instead of continually trying to meet the needs of everyone else in your life. Sometimes the simple act of relaxing
in a hot bath, enjoying a massage or engaging in an activity that is close to your heart will allow you to get rid of all of those thoughts racing
around in your head and just allow you to focus on you and you alone.

Stop being Critical:

We can be our worse enemies when it comes to being too critical of what we do and who we are. Remove yourself from difficult situations and allow yourself
to look at the situation from a different perspective. This may just allow you to come up with some creative solutions to your critical thoughts

Live in the Now:

Living in the now and being present in the moment will create space and time allowing your creative spirit to flow with creative ideas and concepts you
may not have thought of before.

Feel your Feelings:

Think back to the last time you had a creative spark. What feelings did you have? How did they make you feel? What made you have these feelings? How did
these feelings help you in the creative process? Take note of these happy wonderful feelings and look at how you can use these in your everyday life
as well as when you are looking at being creative.

Relax, Daydream And Unwind:

The creative mind works best when it is relaxed and not processing thousands of thoughts. If you are highly worried or stressed your creativity will be
stifled by all of these stories running around in your head. The art of unwinding and daydreaming can be a difficult one to masted these days with
our busy and connected lives. Take the time to switch off and daydream letting your mind wonder without a worry or care. You may be surprised where
your thoughts and mind take you

Have fun and enjoy the Moment:

As adults we tend to play by the rules and forget to enjoy that childlike spirit that lives inside of us. Next time you are doing something you love make
sure that you clear your mind of all of your issues and just enjoy the present moment right in front of you and have fun in the process.

Creativity is like any process that we learn and practice to fit in with our daily lives. Once you learn how to tap into this creative energy within you
see how you can interact with your creative spirit.

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My bliss today is writing and drawing J

Namaste Mikayla