Anxiety and Stress, Chaos to Calm

Tips to Calm Down and De-Stress with Calming Music

I was inspired to write this based on my experience yesterday. After yet another terrible night’s sleep I found myself wandering round in a daze and my head was spinning with confusion. Most of the time I sleep ok now that I have a few strategies in place and incase you haven’t read it here is my blog
on how I cured my insomnia.

I used to sleep well until a few years ago I suffered under a huge amount of stress and despite the stress being over it still plagues me. It has taken
me years to reflect on why, how and what I am doing to self-sabotage myself with my sleep patterns.

My main cause is over thinking which I am sure most of you can relate to. I will wake in the early hours and start thinking of an unresolved issue, awkward conversation or what I have to do today. It’s just plain exhausting and after a few nights of restless sleep it really catches up on me and I am beyond exhausted.

One strategy that works for me is chanting. There are so many sayings to chant that I definitely don’t want to overwhelm you but share some of my favourites.

Some of these will resonate with you right away and others will probably send your brain into more chaos. So songs you like to listen to over and over again and some you only like when you are in a certain mental state.

For example calming music is of course awesome for calming you, however, when you are inspired and in flow and have a deadline to meet you will probably want very upbeat lively music. Of course you would not listen to loud beating wake up music just before you go to sleep.

The same is true first thing in the morning, the last music you would pick would be sad slow sleepy music when you are getting ready for work because it would probably make you want to jump right back into bed and not face the day.

My solution yesterday to my foggy brain was to sit quietly and ‘try’ and meditate. I say try because I have learnt to recognise that when I am in this state it is almost impossible to stop thinking and
actually get out of my head. My to-do-list seems to grow 10 fold when I am in the chaos state and the more I try and relax the more I want to add to
my list. So my meditation went something like this:

  • Find a quiet warm spot where I was not going to be disturbed for half
    an hour.
  • Set an alarm for the desired time and that allows my brain to relax a little knowing that I am giving myself this precious time and also that I will still have plenty of time to get up and keep going about my day.
  • Have a pen and paper handy and right in front of me. When I have an idea or remember more to add to my to-do-list I can scribble it down and this then allows me to know I won’t forget it and therefore I can put it out of my mind for now.
  • Problems keep arising when I am in this state and I don’t get cross with myself which causes more stress and confusion. I allow the thoughts to rise, write it down and then send the thought floating away in a pink balloon.
  • Listen to chanting music.

The biggest tip and trick I really want to share with you is how I calm my monkey mind down with chanting.

If you are an A-type personality like me then just doing one task at a time if not enough. I just can’t do it. Trying to meditate and only focus on my
breathing gives my mind plenty of opportunity to get bored and wander off back onto the track of all my chaos. Just telling myself to stop thinking
is impossible!

Chanting gives my mind something to do. Breathing deeply gives my body something to do. When I sync my chants to my breathing and another key point I want to share is that I breathe into my heart. This is one of the most powerful tips you can do.

Try it… When you brain waves and heart energy is connected you will find an inner calm. The rhythm is like slow dancing to your favourite song, it is effortless to slowly sway in time to the beat
of the music and it is very relaxing and calming.

There are times I really love guided meditations and yet as I said before sometimes it’s the wrong time of the day and I get frustrated listening and it
is not resonating with me. Other times I only want music with no words at all and other times white noise and nature soothe me.

In summary

Now that I am familiar with these chants I will repeat one phrase over and over in the early hours of the morning and now I go back to sleep within minutes. Without these chants I would lie awake for hours as I just could not turn my brain off. I don’t get upset with myself for waking, I just breathe and

  • Try all different ways to relax before you go to bed
  • Vary the music and chants you listen to depending on your mood and the time of the day
  • Learn to listen to your body and sync your brain and heart especially at 4am and allow yourself to relax
  • BREATHE deeply into your heart and sync your breathing to your heart beat
  • Chant and keep the monkey mind just busy enough and this stops the endless flow of chronic overthinking

To get you started here is a list of my favourite chanting music.

My Pinterest board: Chanting Om Music

6 hours – Tibetan bowls – here is the you tube

3 hours – Nam Myoho Renge Kyo – here is the you tube link

2 hours – 528 Hz Heart Chakra Balance and Emotional Stability– here is the
you tube link

1 hour – Om Kleem – here is the you tube link

30 mins – Om mani padme hum – here is the you tube link