LOA Why You Need to Let It Go


LOA Why You Need to Let It Go

This week I was asked a great question and I got inspired to share my view on the LOA. Keep focusing on your desire and when to let it go.


I just saw ‘Law of attraction’ on the side bar of your blog page and I’m yet to read your posts about it. I have been dying to ask somebody a question
regarding LOA without sounding delusional to the sceptics. Just wondering your thoughts on this one because I’m beyond confused with all the information
I have read. Everyone says to focus on your desire with intense feeling until you get it, but others say ask, believe- LET GO, and then receive. I
have tried the letting go part and it does work but which is it supposed to be? Any ideas?


That is actually a great question and one I tried and tried to feel and get my head around. My thoughts are:

The LOA is about focusing on what you want and not what you don’t have.

When you focus on what you want you create a desire to have it.

You need to focus on the feeling of already having what you desire which is where the ‘let it go’ comes in because otherwise you create doubt. What I mean
is that when you only focus on what you want you probably attach feelings to it from a place of not having it. And then when your desire doesn’t show
up you keep focusing on ‘why me, what is wrong, the LOA doesn’t work, every time I ask for something it doesn’t show up’ and the doubt intensifies.

When you know for sure that you want the desire, you need the desire, it will show up, only then will you have no doubts, then the desire will show up.

  • Ask.
  • Believe you already have it.
  • Each day feel the feeling of already having it.
  • Let it go so your doubt can’t creep in.
  • Receive, be open to the opportunity for it to show up.

Life is all about the journey to get your desire and not the destination. When you only focus on the end result you miss the present moment and the energy
to create in the NOW.

Let go of the end result and enjoy the opportunities that are around you when you are aware and open. This helps to cement your desire and make you really
want it or tweak your desire.

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