How to build your resilience

How to build your resilience

This video is a starting point so that you can discover How to build your resilience.

Resilience or grit is your determination to keep going. Everyday challenges add up and they become heavy burdens. The baggage gets heavier and more awkward
to carry.

If you are like I was I just could not magically ‘let it go – stop thinking – relax’ I kept searching answers and discovered this ridiculously simple technique to help guide you. You have everything skill you need inside you already, you just have to find

You have probably mastered most pieces of life’s puzzle and yet some elude you – money, partner, job security, kids, mortgage, or enough superannuation,
or what ever is missing.

Self-help is not selfish, it’s a gift. You can self calm or you can self harm.

It’s a gift to become calmer. Organised yet flexible. Laugh more. Find the pieces of your puzzle. You show your kids by example and not by words. Do you
ask ‘do I look fat in this’, say things likes like a moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips. I am terrible at saving money. I am not worthy yet
I want someone to love me.

Accept what you can’t change and change what you can.

On any flight you are told to that when the oxygen mask drops from the ceiling to help yourself before helping others. Only you can help yourself and be
the change you want.

Join me to help you find your calm, conquer your chaos and discover acceptance. How to really and truly be in the present. Find out what makes you happier,
more fulfilled and with calmness you can conquer your chaos.

Resilience is something you learn and if you practice it day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute and breathe by breathe you will become calmer. You
have the ability within you to build resilience and you have come to the right place, so welcome and follow the links to discover your resilience.