How to Control your Stress and Anxiety

How to Control your Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety creep up and grab you by the throat, it slowly sucks the air out of your life giving lungs. It feels like all the energy in your body
is slowly draining and there is nothing you can do. The spiral of negative thoughts swirl around in your mind until it consumes even the slightest
trace of any positivity you had.

It is so sneaky that it seems like smoke slowly but surely filling your bedroom at night. It is like being in a lovely peaceful dream that turns into a
horrible nightmare. You have no control over it. The life sucking force has taken its grip of you without your permission.

There are signs along the way that you are suffocating and yet your brain processes this a normal. Everyone else is stressed out and seem to cope so I
have to also just keep going, day after day, paycheck after paycheck and I can rest when I get old.

There are so many demands to deal with daily and so little time. Best I get even busier and keep suffering because that is all I seem able to do.


Slowly but surely the stress keeps piling up, its unrelenting. It feels like a ten tonne weight has been placed on your chest and very slowly, one
situation throws you into the next and the weight gets heavier and heavier. Your life force is being taken from you moment by moment and because
it is such a slow gradual process you hardly notice. Well done stress and anxiety, your claws have a firm grip on me, without my permission, and
you are clawing your way deeper and deeper into my skin.

I keep going, I keep the motion of a life going, I keep plodding on from one chaotic moment to the next.

Anxiety invited itself to the stress party and like a guest that over stays its welcome, was so subtle, so gentle at first, now just won’t leave and
causes mischief to stir my emotions and make my heart race.

Why me, this is so unfair, I am just doing what everyone else is to survive the daily grind.

The fog of overwhelm and confusion is taking over your body one cell at a time. First your brain kicks into survival mode and you fear an attack. The
attacks keep coming unrelenting and unforgiving, it is a constant battering that never goes away. So little by little negativity thoughts replace
positive ones. One experience after another and how can you deal with it when life is throwing you all these curve balls.

Stress and anxiety take over your eyes and all you can see is the treadmill you are on, must keep going and going and going. All you can see now is
clouded by the visions of the bad thoughts in your head.

You are blinded by the only options that you can see right in front of you, the ones that smack you in the face and tell you that this is normal and
everyone else is stressed. This is normal with all the demands of work and being available 24/7, parenting gets tougher as the kids get older,
you are in survival mode and don’t even know it.

You are bombarded with the daily onslaught of social media. Feelings of jealously and fear grip and warp your sense of perspective. The insane addition
of constantly checking your accounts and what your ‘friends’ are up to causes your heart to race and your breathing to be shallow.

Chronic overthinking is like being on a rollercoaster, oh the ups and down and thrills have turned into a horror movie. You are so snuggly buckled
into the ride that you can’t find the stop button and the ride is on a continuous endless loop and you are the prisoner in your own hell.

You smile and put on a happy face because you are coping, just, but inside you wonder how you are going to get through the day.

Anxiety starts as a little murmur in your chest, the occasional skipping of a beat is fine to ignore because you are too busy to even notice. Your
heart races out of control and the way your body copes is to hold its breath and make your breathing even shallower.

You have no options, you are consumed with stress and anxiety and the worst part is that this is just the beginning of the end and yet you are still
so unaware what a toll this is taking on your mind, body and spirit.

You are now so stuck and this all happened so slowly and kept attacking you and all you can do is keep going doing what you have always been doing.
It’s like the battery on your phone slowly losing its charge. Dropping one percent at a time until you get a warning that you need to charge it,
but if you ignore the message they increase their intensity until its critical.

Your body was trying to warn you. It was sending you signals and messages but you were too busy to notice. Like your car, there are only so many buttons,
lights and warning beeps, if you keep ignoring the messages it will stop and probably at the worst most inconvenient time.

This was my life until one day something happened ….

I was blissfully unaware of how consumed my life was with all this pressure. As a working parent providing for my family left no time for me. It would
have been selfish to spend time or money on myself. I ‘thought’ I was fine, but little did I know that I was leading down a very dark path and
didn’t realise it.

My world came crashing down the moment I slammed the boot of my car into my temple. I hit my head so hard that the pain took me straight to the ground
and blood poured down my face. It took all the energy and strength I had left to get my very young kids inside the house before I passed out of
the couch.

I had not even realised that I was in trouble until that very moment. This was my wake up call. It took days before I even vaguely felt slightly better.

It took a smash on my head for me to figure out that I needed help. I realised after years of researching to work out the best solution. I read books,
attended seminars paid for courses. I have been where you are and it’s time to stop the suffering.

When is NOW the right time for you to learn from my mistakes?

How many times do you have to hit rock bottom?

What warning signs are you ignoring?

Stop searching for answers – here is the solution you need.

I will show you a very simple technique that stops my chaos of stress and anxiety, calms
my mind and body all in one second. Yes ONE second. You need this. The trick to life is to just keep breathing through the chaos.

The solution you are searching for is just a breath away.

It’s funny, but you never really think much about breathing. Until it’s all you ever think about

Conscious breathing heightens awareness and deepens relaxation

Breathing is not the same as being alive. A great number of people breathe but never live.

Start living today and discover the most powerful calming relief you can give yourself. You will feel more in control. Your will rediscover your power
by learning why and how to breathe properly.

How do I know? Well, I spend the first 20 years of my life being severely asthmatic, being in oxygen tents in hospital and constantly carrying my inhaler.
My parent we not sure I would live long enough to even start school!

So I know what it feels like to suffocate and fight for every life giving breathe. Just breathing can be such a luxury at times. Breathing, according
to me, corresponds to taking charge of one’s own life.

I have designed the most amazing course where you will learn how to Control your Stress
and Anxiety Levels in 1-Second. Lets break down your stress and reduce your anxiety where I hold your hand day after day, moment by moment and
breath by breath. Its time to dissolve stress and anxiety.