Life is too serious to take too seriously

Life is too serious to take too seriously


This could be one of the most serious messages you get but have fun with it and don’t take it too seriously.

Confused yet?

If you are like me, I take everything too seriously and found out the hard way that I was not perfect, I could have everything but not all at once, I made
mistakes, I am a mother but also learning on the job without a job description.

My kids didn’t come with an instruction manual either. Or maybe I left that at the hospital in all the chaos of dealing with a new born, feeding, hormones,
nappy changing and to top it off the haze and confusion due to lack of sleep.

My kids are now teenagers and some days I think I have everything under control yet chaos enters my world and I realise that the only control I have is
how I react and if I want the situation to be different I have to change the way i view the situation. The only influence I have is me, my thoughts
and most important are my feelings.

How I feel greatly effects how I react or respond.

Do I curl up in the corner in the fatal position blubbering? Or look at the situation for what it is and not what I ‘think’ it is?

There is so much more I want to share with you. Check out the link below to find your calm and discover the world of possibilities so that you can have
the cake, enjoy it, laugh about it and not take life or yourself too seriously.

This is fun, it will make you smile and you will laugh at how ridiculously simple yet effective my first aid calm technique.

Check out the link and have a super awesome day