The Secret Power of your BREATH

The Secret Power of your BREATH


Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life. You are not your past and the future is not here yet, all you have is the present moment. Don’t cry
over the past, it’s gone. All the challenges you have been through were lessons in disguise. Now is the time to allow yourself a glimmer of hope that
you can move on from the experiences so they stop weighing you down. If you keep reliving the memories of the past it is like dragging around old scruffy suitcases, they are comfortable but they are a burden and a right pain in the backside.

Don’t stress about the future, it hasn’t arrived. Being organised and planning future events or goals is different to worrying about tomorrow.
Often the thought of what might or could happen in the future starts our brains on a journey of worry and stress. Your brain remembers the past when things didn’t go your way and this can spiral your brain into a worst case scenario.

It’s time to realise that life is created day by day, moment by moment and breath by breath. Today’s message is for you to the start to discover the small moment of calm you can experience when you are simply aware that chaos is not serving you. Live in the present and make it beautiful or you can stay in the endless cycle of thoughts of the past.

Find your calm. Conquer your chaos

NOT – find your chaos and conquer your calm. Pat yourself on the back for acknowledging that you have a choice, and that choice is that you can focus on your chaos or you can stop thinking for one second. Just do it right now, and take one deep breath and focus on your breathing instead of your chaos. Just one deep breathe is enough to stop the chaos and the brain starts to rewire itself.

Imagine you are watching a pre-recorded movie and you pause the screen. Your breath is like the pause button to allow you to catch your breath, centre yourself and find your balance within the chaos.

This might seem way too simple, you can’t eliminate stress and anxiety yet you can use it to your advantage, chaos will always find you but start to become aware of the chaos. Stop dwelling on it, just be aware!

You can’t find your calm and conquer your chaos when you are in the midst of stress and anxiety. BUT you can STOP your thoughts which
breaks the chaos and brings you to the awareness of your breathe. You will get through the situation easier. The more you practice conscious breathing
the shorter the stressful periods will become. You will feel more in control of yourself and how you respond.

You can find one second of calm in the midst of chaos when you stop thinking, stop speaking, stop doing, stop responding, you will allow one second of control and awareness. Even the smallest change right now can result in a drastic difference in the future. Finding harmony in the middle of a difficulty is where the opportunity lies.

By accepting that you will always have chaos means that you are starting to become aware of the chaos. This means you are on the right path, breathing
is a journey and you are now creating a new habit, you can focus on the chaos or you can focus on breathing instead. Its your choice. WELL DONE, you are on track.

STOP reading, STOP thinking, take ONE deep breathe right now!

When you are panicked or stressed you don’t make smart decisions. When your brain is stressed and anxious you physically feel the fight or flight response as it causes physical symptoms like:

  • Accelerated heart rate
  • Increased attention and focus that acts like ‘tunnel vision’
  • Dilation of blood vessels
  • Thickening of the blood
  • Tension in the muscles
  • Quickened, deeper breathing
  • Pupil dilation
  • Enhanced memory
  • Reduced digestive and immune function
  • Pain reduction
  • Heightened sensitivity in your senses
  • Increased energy
  • Increased muscle fibre recruitment


Congratulate yourself that your brain and body are doing exactly what they should, which is to save you from a lion attack. You see the fight or flight
response goes back to when we needed to stay alert and aware of attacks so that the adrenaline could pump round our body and we could get out of danger. Most of the time though, we are no longer in danger. The simple act of being aware of ONE breathe is enough to calm the fight or flight response down. In short, stress can take a serious toll on the body and eventually leave you feeling ill, exhausted and broken.
Take one breathe and feel it fill your diaphragm. This will create a calmer emotion, stop the chaos of your thoughts and your brain will be aware of the present moment so that you can self-regulate your thoughts, one breathe at a time. Calm is an emotion, it is a space between one thought and the next. Your heart beats faster when you are stressed, breathing deeply slows your heart because you are becoming more aware. It shifts your focus from your thoughts and connects you to your soul.

Breathe. Slow and deep breathing is the cornerstone of calm

Your breath brings more awareness into your body, as oxygen fuels every cell, increasing your consciousness of the depth of this moment, felt as a deep sense of joy in the heart… Breathe in deeply to bring your mind home to your body – Thich Nhat Hanh

BREATHE in the calm, EXHALE the chaos.

Stress and anxiety are emotions, they make you more aware and motivated. They are very useful emotions but that trouble now is that most of the time the mere thought of stress and anxiety is enough to cause us unnecessary mental and physical pain. During this course you will continue to learn how to gain control of your emotions during the stress and chaos of daily life. You will continue to discover one day at a time, one email at a time and one
breathe at a time so that you can use stress to become useful or you become useless and frozen with fear.

Panic attacks also cause shaking, restlessness, rapid and shallow breathing, nausea and butterflies in the stomach. The physical toll this takes is exhausting. The more tired you are the less you can do and it becomes a downward spiral. The fight or flight response burns through your energy making you feel physically and mentally exhausted.

Remember that the past has already happened and don’t ruin today worrying about tomorrow.

As you take a deep breathe, remember to only focus on that breathe and this will stop your brains chaos. SMILE as you exhale and THAT one gesture of smiling is enough to change your awareness from stress and anxiety into being aware of this ONE second, this one breathe.

Negative vs Positive

Negative emotions allow us to focus our awareness and the emotions are trying to connect you to problems so that you can find solutions. Emotions and feelings help us to zone in on a problem so we can not only deal with the challenges and also learn from them. But too many negative emotions can make us feel overwhelmed, anxious, mentally and physically exhausted, or stressed out.

Positive emotions balance out negative ones and together they both play a vital role in your overall well being. Positive emotions also builds our resilience which helps us emotionally cope better.

Positive emotions feel good because they are good for you. Acknowledge the negative emotions but don’t dwell on them. Embrace and enjoy the positive feelings.

Being positive makes you more aware, stops the chaos of your thoughts and creates a break between your thoughts. The more positive you are the better you will feel and more you will want and strive for this feeling.

Smile as you exhale

By making breathing your first aid when you start to feel stressed, it will over time, stop panic attacks and suppress the fight or flight response. It takes time to create a new habit, some days you will have more success than other days. Keep trying, keep breathing, keep going, keep taking the journey of life one breathe at a time. When you stop your thoughts you create a space for the energy to shift. Its time for a shift. When is NOW the right time to get in control of your emotions?

Remember to take this one day at a time, one breath at a time. At first it is normal for your thoughts to try and convince you that the simple act of taking just one deep breath could not possibly help you with stress and anxiety. But stick with this as this is part of the journey to create the habit of
self-regulating your emotions by being in control of what is normally a subconscious function – breathing.

Breathing properly is the magic pill you have been searching for. Breathing and your heart beating are essential for life. Breathing also has direct connections to your emotional states, moods and feelings. When you are stressed and anxious you breathe shallow, fast and irregular and you will probably catch yourself holding your breath. When you breathe slowing and deeply you are allowing your body to relax and get the oxygen to your brain and organs. Breathing centres yourself emotionally and your nerves will automatically slow down.

Stop – Breathe – Smile. Take one deep breathe in and focus only on the physical act of take a breath, this stops you thinking, fills your lungs and smiling when you exhale brings your awareness to a more positive feeling. To discover how to achieve more calm in less than 30 days click here.

Breathe with love