About Mikayla

It’s not about what happens to you in life, it’s about how you respond to what happens…

Hiya, I am Mikayla Holmes and I wear many hats – author, mum, wife, perpetual over-achiever, learner and some-times not-so-go-with-the flow control-loving type. After being thrown from the realms of the corporate world, managing staff and its glorious structure, rules and routines (which came with KPI’s and opportunities to achieve) into motherhood, I found myself lost, trying to navigated a new and unknown world with no set right or wrong. However, determined to give it my all (as I always do), I quickly learnt that I had not one but two jobs at hand:

  1. Find myself in this new role, find my way
  2. Teach this little human how to do the same

Drawing on 40 years of life experience that includes growing up in Hong Kong, travelling the world, continuous self-development study and advanced management diploma, I have finally cracked the code! But it might not be the code you think. I am now as much as ever learning “how to be” in this role everyday as my children grow, however, now I know how to find my calm, get into control no matter what life throws at me and use the circumstances in front of me to forge a legacy that I am proud of and a life that feels good!

And now, I am inspired to support other mothers to realign their lives using the tools and skills I have learnt so that they can feel good in themselves, get control back and ultimately be the role models they want to be for their children.

Only after finding myself struggling in my role as a new mum who really, honestly felt more at home in a big corner office – have I truly learnt the importance of “being the change that you want to see.” I thrived on routine, order and structure, and I really struggled (and sometimes still do) with the disorder, chaos and lack of control that this parenting gig offered.

To be honest I guess I have always been more fond of taking the road less traveled with all of its twists and turns – I am forever on a journey to discover how to be my best self, find and live my truth so that I can ultimately raise teenage daughters who are equipped for life with a strong sense of self – self-awareness, self-reliance and self-confidence.

We are all here to live life and not for life to live us – yet on the journey, we may lose the connection to ourselves, our dreams, and bliss. I believe that we all have a way to receive confirmation that we are ‘on the right path’ and that there is fun and happiness all around us. We are the answer that we are looking for and with the right tools and support we can ultimately create the life we want – for us and for our families. For me life is about being open, being uniquely me, being aware and having the ability to always choose how I respond to what life is giving or throwing at me. There is opportunity in every moment – sometimes it might just be packaged as challenge.

My journey now is to share what I have learnt. To support my A-Type corporate loving sisters – the other mums of teens – that are seeking support, structure and the tools to be able to always show up as their best self and have the deep knowing that they are “doing it right…” for their family.

I am so excited and grateful to be able to offer and share with you my daily insights, tools and strategies so that you can redirect the circumstances of your life, so that they are always supporting the realisation of your dreams and goals.

We are all awesome at self-sabotage and are our hardest critics. My mission is to help us lift each other up, make the small changes in our own chaos so that we may be the positive influence that ripples throughout the lives of our family and friends. My dream is to support you to transform each moment, so that you can fly free no matter what is happening around you.

Life is created moment by moment and that at the end of the day, our life is the sum result of how we choose to respond in each of those moments good or bad.